Friday, October 3, 2014


Hello friends!   Thanks for stopping by!  Welcome to my little spot on the web.  I'll post mostly crafty stuff here with some miscellaneous thrown in for good measure.  Please be patient while I play around to get things set up.

My most recent project was 30 Days of Lists.  I've participated in this adventure for several sessions and I absolutely love it.  So much fun - and so many talented people playing along.  Above is the mini book I used this time.  I got it from Monika Wright.  You can check out my lists on instagram @ dmg314.  Fun stuff!

Now that #30lists is complete, it's time for Halloween!  Cute cards coming up!

~ Dawn


  1. Me too me too! Great to see you blogging again and showing off your gorgeous creations!!!

  2. So excited that you are blogging.....I am definitely slacking these days in the blogging department, but I do a much better job of keeping up with the reading!