Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello Deer

I love foresty creatures and these little bears and the deer from Bella Boulevard are the cutest!  The compass is a chipboard sticker, and the deer is cut out from a daily details sheet.  I found some yarn that matched the paper and made a bow to wrap it up.  I rarely make bows, because they never turn out right for me, but I must say I'm pretty impressed with myself on this one. 

This collection makes me think of camping (no kidding, right?!).  We've gone tent camping a couple times at the beach and both trips were disasters.  We can laugh now, but at the time not so much.  Let's just say that both trips involved breaking down camp in scary thunderstorms!   We want to try the woods this time later in the fall.  What are must haves for your camping trips?

~ Dawn


  1. SO adorable! I'm not a camper at all but the idea sounds nice. I used to go to a campground in my grandparents RV at the beach but that's not really camping, is it? It was so much fun!